What is frequency?

How frequent you do facebook? What is your frequency of taking bath?

In general sense, Frequency is any task done with respect to time. In case of telecom, frequency is number of cycles per second and is measured in ‘f’.

Cycle is a complete sine wave.

T is denoted as time taken to complete one cycle.

Wavelength (? deplicted as lamda) is distance traveled over a cycle.

A is amplitude or strength.

F (frequency) = 1/T (number of cycles per second)

In a telecom network, all signals that are transmitted consist of many frequencies. Bandwidth is range of frequencies a signal occupies. It is measured in ‘Hertz’ (Hz).


Now, please have a look at below diagram:

For each operator in the telecom network, there is defined frequency spectrum allocated. Operator has to operate its telecom network within its spectrum. Fixed spectrum allocation limits the number of frequency channels that can be use but subscribers continue to increase. Channels must be reused through a service area, but subscribers should not get interference.

Signal strength attenuate with distance increased so channel can be reused. This is one of the reason why we have many mobile tower in the network.




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