Overview Of Base Transceiver Station Components

A BTS in general has the following parts:

Transceiver (TRX):

Its function is transmission and reception of signals.

Power amplifier (PA):

It amplifies the receiving signal.


Its combines receiving signals so that they could be sent out through a single antenna for a reduction in the number of antenna used.


It separates sending and receiving signals to/from antenna. It helps to send and receive signals through the same antenna ports.


Used to transmit signals to another entity.

Alarm extension system:

It collects working status alarms of various units in the BTS and extends them to operations and maintenance (O&M) monitoring stations.

Control function:

It controls and manages the various units of BTS, including any software. It helps in On-the-spot configurations, status changes; software upgrades, etc. are done through the control function.

Baseband receiver unit (BBxx):

Frequency hopping, signal DSP, etc.



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